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Instructors at Golden Fist: Master Titus, Chris Wasson, Lois MacKenzie, Richard McKillips, Paul J. Huyett

Master Luke David Titus


Master Luke Titus holds the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt in the Golden Fist Martial Arts International Systems of Self Defense. Master Titus’s current official title is Sabomnim which means Master Instructor. He has studied under the Golden Fist Martial Arts System for over 19 years starting his path as a white belt in December 1991 under the instruction of Master Gregory Cothran, 6th Degree Black Belt, Sabomnim, at the Golden Fist Newtown School.

Master Titus obtained his Black Belt Bo Dan in April 1993, Il Dan in April 1994, E Dan in April 1996, and Sam Dan in April 1999. Master Titus became a Chief Instructor, Kyosanim, in the Golden Fist Martial Arts System in 2001. In 2003, Master Puriefoy appointed him to serve as Vice President on the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of Golden Fist Martial Arts. In 2009, he was promoted to President of TAC. Dosanim Gregory Puriefoy elevated Master Titus to the title of Kodanja, 4th Degree in January 2006 and Sabomnim ,5th Degree in January 2009. Master Titus accepted the assignment of Director of the Golden Fist Martial Arts Academy in Gap Pa. in July 2007 from Dosanim. He considers this both a great honor and privilege to succeed Dosanim at the Academy in Gap.

During his years of training, Master Titus has studied various Martial Arts systems under the tutelage of the Golden Fist Masters. These Martial Arts systems include Tang Soo Do, Choi Kwan Do, Jeet Kon Do, Kung Fu, Modern Arnis, Brazilian Jujitsu, Brazilian Capparera, Muay Thai, Boxing, Kali Escrima, Tai Chi, Japanese Goju Ryu, Combat Aikido, and several weapons fighting techniques, forms and defenses.

Master Titus is married to his wife of 27 years, Gail Titus and they are the proud parents of  2 sons: David, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in the Golden Fist System of self defense and Daniel a 2nd Degree Black Belt in the Golden Fist System of self defense and welcomed a new daughter –in-law Candice on August 14th, 2010.

Master Titus has worked for the Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Division in Newtown, PA for over 29 years. He currently holds the position of Director of Engineering Tools. Master Titus received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University in 1981. Master Titus is a member of the Miller Memorial Baptist Church in Philadelphia where he has served on the Board of Deacons since 1993. He is also a Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Master Titus is really geared to provide both physical and mental instruction to his students.

Master Titus strives to have a family oriented learning environment where students learn life skills, academic and work related skills such as effective verbal and written communication, and presentation skills, in addition to self defense skills. Master Titus seeks to nurture these skills in all of his students because he strongly believes that these teachings enable the student to build self esteem, self confidence and to understand the meaning of responsible citizenship and duty to one’s faith, family, organization, country and the world as a whole.

Instructor Chris Wasson

Instructor Wasson achieved the rank of 3rd degree Black Belt, Sam Dan, in April of 2009. He is training and focused to become the first Master Black belt since the opening of the Golden Fist Martial Arts Academy of Gap in a few more years. Sabomnim Titus promoted Mr. Wasson to full Instructor in April 2009 as well. Mr. Chris, as he is commonly known, embellishes the benefits of Golden Fist Martial Arts and seeks to transfer all knowledge he has gained over his years of training to all students from Lil’ Dragons Program to the Adult Programs.

Mr. Chris started training in November 2001 under Dosanim Puriefoy. He earned his 1st degree Black Belt in May 2005 and his 2nd degree Black Belt in April 2007. It is evident that Chris Wasson has been and continues to be the model student as well as the model instructor. With Sabomnim Titus highest recommendation, Mr. Chris was allowed to test for Sam Dan at an accelerated pace awarding his dedication, perserverance, and contributions to the Academy. Sabomnim Titus considers Mr. Chris a cornerstone of the Golden Fist Martial Arts legacy. Mr. Chris is 20 years old.

Mr. Chris is the son of proud parents John and Beth Wasson and older brother to his sister, Hayley Wasson, a 2nd degree Black Belt candidate. Mr. Chris is a graduate Pequea Valley High school. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree at West Chester University information technology. He enjoys both Football and Ice Hockey. He is an avid Philadelphia Flyers Fan and Green Bay Packers fan. He has many interests, but most of all enjoys spending time with family, girlfriend Amanda, and friends.

Mr. Chris can be found teaching the Lil’ Dragons and Cadets I in the evenings. He teaches Black Belt club and Master Club as well. He is our major tournament coach as he has distinguished himself by the preparation and training of the students for the annual US Open Championships and being the Competition Team leader and Coach. He has competed in many major tournaments across the United States over many years. He is notably Golden Fist Martial arts weapons champion with his favorite weapons being the Bo Staff, Sword, and Kamas.

Chief Instructor Lois MacKenzie

Kyosanim Lois MacKenzie is the Chief Operation Officer and business manager of the Golden Fist Academy of Gap. Kyosa Lois currently holds the rank of 2nd degree Black Belt awarded to her in October 2007. She achieved her chief instructor certification, Kyosanim, in April 2009 after completing a yearlong curriculum with Grand Master Puriefoy. She serves as the Gap representative to the Golden Fist Technical Advisory Committee.

Kyosa Lois started her training with her husband in 2001 shortly after her grandchildren started under Dosanim Puriefoy. She started by being a helper in the Lil’ Dragons and Cadet classes and became an Assistant Instructor. In 2004, Kyosa received her Black Belt. In 2005, she was awarded her 1st degree Black Belt and became a full instructor. In August 2007, Sabomnim Titus asked her to assume the duties of Gap business manager demonstrating the confidence he holds in her abilities as a proven Martial Artist.

Kyosa Lois has won many martial arts tournaments with her traditional form and weapons form performances. She has competed in the US Open and is a world class champion. She loves working with children and teens. She is continuously eager to learn and looks forward to learning every day. She has found that her years of Martial Arts training have helped her in all aspects of her life and she is very eager to pass the knowledge gained onto other students. Kyosanim MacKenzie plans to train until she is awarded Master Level certification and beyond.

Although you will often find her in the school office, the students really look forward when she is on the training floor especially her Lil’ Dragons. She is a seasoned instructor and enforces discipline, citizenship, good moral character, respect, honor, and enthusiasm in all of the Gap students.

Instructor Richard McKillips

Instructor McKillips was certified as a full Cadet Instructor on June 28th, 2007 by Grand Master Gregory Puriefoy. His enthusiasm and dedication to training and teaching earned him this recognition after only training for 1.5 year in which he completed a rigorous six month Instructors Training Course.

Mr. Rich, as he is commonly known, has always been fascinated with the Martial Arts since childhood. Mr. Rich and his son Cody have taken Martial Arts Training at the Academy since June 2005. They are both members of the Black Belt Club. Mr. Rich also enjoys bowling, hunting and football. He is a full time employee of C.E Sander & Sons Feed Mill.

Mr. Rich really enjoys teaching class to cadets as well as adults. He recently received First Place in the 2010 Power Breaking during the U.S Open Championships in July. He is very proud of his achievements. He is proud to be a certified Golden Fist martial Arts cadet Instructor. He looks forward to his classes and welcomes all cadets to join.

Instructor Paul J. Huyett

Instructor Huyett started training in Golden Fist Martial Arts in 2006. He has the greatest enthusiasm to learn all aspects of the Martial Arts and is the role model for training all the time both in and out of school. He has embraced the concept of legacy of the Golden Fist System and has sought to learn every form, weapon, self defense technique, and other knowledge of the system. Mr. Huyett, commonly known as Mr. PJ by the students, has made himself available for training, teaching, learning, and advising within the Academy of Gap family. He stands as a ram in the bush to the senior instructors always willing to serve the students and the school at large.

Mr. PJ was awarded his Black belt in April of 2010. At that time, he was awarded certification as full instructor by Sabomnim Titus in recognition of his hard work and completion of in-depth training under Dosanim Puriefoy.

Mr. PJ teaches Lil’ Dragons, Cadet Classes, and Black Belt Club as well. His thirst for Martial Arts knowledge has enabled him to excel in all aspects of life and gain advanced knowledge beyond his current rank level. Mr. PJ seeks to pass down all knowledge he has acquired and often is a voice of encouragement to many students.


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